First Baptist Church of Ft. Ogden
Monday, November 19, 2018
Strengthening Families For Life

Our Heritage




April 2003, marked our 125th anniversary. What a remarkable heritage -- 125 years of impacting the Ft. Ogden community for Jesus Christ!  Throughout those years, our church has had it's share of changes and hardships.  In 1901, the church moved from it's home near the Ft. Ogden cemetery to a new building on Hull Road -- a more central location better suited to serving the needs of the community. 

On a sad day in November 1957, that building burned to the ground.  But, through prayer, hard work, God's grace, and the indestructible spirits of our members, a new church was rebuilt and completed in 1961.  Ten years later, a fellowship hall was added, and in 1973, the church was incorporated and officially became known as the First Baptist Church of Ft. Ogden.

However, those changes and hardships are nothing compared to the joy we know and share through Jesus Christ.  In 1878, when that first group of Christians gathered to start a church in this quiet little country town, they planted a small seed that miraculously grew to touch the lives of countless numbers of people. As God brings the world to our door -- as our area continues to grow and new people move into our ministry area -- we will respond by opening our doors and our hearts.  We will continue to nourish that small seed and plant new ones that will grow beyond our lives and touch the lives of our children and their children.